About Me

-Applied Mathematics B.S. student studying with a minor in entrepreneurship at the University of Utah in beautiful Salt Lake City.

-Always look to act in a respectful manner while also taking personal responsibility in all situations, obeying the instructions of superiors, while also being able to personally think, act, and respond to situations in an appropriate manner.

-Grew up bilingual in English and German, and I have worked to maintain and expand this ability, having spent a combined total of nearly 2 years in Germany as well as earning U.S. recognition for language proficiency, including the Illinois Seal of Biliteracy and a score of 5/5 on the Advanced Placement German exam (without having taken the course).

About Me


-Experience in various programming languages including:
Linux Scripting

-Beyond computer concepts, I also have years of experience in the automotive field, both as a hobby as well as employment.

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